WELCOME TO asia master center

Company Overview:

Asia Masters Center (AMC) is a leading International provider of training Courses, seminars, workshops, programs, conferences and in-house Training. We deliver a wide range of cutting edge training that includes  Management & Leadership, Finance & Accounting, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Project Management, Law and Contracts Management, Technical, Engineering & Maintenance and many Others fields. From the training side, AMC has the ability to study and provide for the Market demand and putting a plan and training solution to fit the Organization’s need to solve administrative and financial issues by Upgrading the Standrad skills and quality for all employee levels to Achieve the organization goals. AMC works through a wide network of offices extend to middle east and All over the world . By this prevalence AMC can now provide quality Training services for organizations in various countries around the world.


Asia Masters Center (AMC) Aiming to become the first choice training Center,consultation specialist,conducting scientific studies and Information Technology for organisations that are seeking for training and development. 


Asia Masters Center (AMC) Provides training and consulting services, Studies and research, information technology, training conferences Organization, influence the direction of positive Change and development Of business systems in an innovative way and High quality  for standard Organisations to meet their training needs, develop their skills and Abilities in all fields and exceed expectations and Keep pace with the Latest developments in the field of human resources.

Our Policy:

Asia Masters Center (AMC) Adoption of total quality management (TQM) To enhance the value of training and development to achieve a continuous Increase sustainable in the returns on production of institutions and Individuals and strengthen the social position of AMC to reach the Leadership in the field of training at the local, regional and international.

About Head Office Malaysia:

Asia Masters Center (AMC) was established in 2003, we are providing Training courses throughout Middle east , Asia, Europe and Africa and Continue to grow every year based on our success to transfer the Knowledge and based on our clients trust. Inspired by world-class training And professional development, we commit ourselves to excellence at all Levels of education, training and creativity, encouraging all trainees to Excel and developing judgment and decision making capabilities.

Qatar Branch:

Was established recently in 2018 and this branch is specialized In-House Training . we opened this branch to be closer to our valued customer and To provide our services in perfect way. The host organization has the option Of tailoring the training programme to their particular operational needs. In-house training allows hosts to  fulfill their organizations objectives for Staff development in a cost effective  and quality driven manner. 

About the Training Courses We Offer:


We provide professional training services to meet requirements of Ministries, companies and organizations. We call this “customized in-house Programs". These programs are designed specialized to suit each training Needs and training objectives of each business and are organized across The country.


We provide specific professional standard courses in many areas for all the Organizations which are now operating in Qatar.


We provide our International training courses which are organized in so Many different countries around the world and the training courses will Follow our training schcdule which was Issued by the Head Office in Malaysia.


ISO 29990: 2010  Certified: This International Standard provides a model For Quality professional practice and performance. Asia Masters (AMC)   Certification is an assurance to our clients that our intention is to deliver Training that will meet the international benchmark.

HRDF Asia Masters is Recognized and certified by Malaysian Human Resource Minestry As a Malaysian Training Institute ,which is recognized By the Government Sector to Training the Government Employee .

IFTDO Certified: The International Federation of Training and Development Organizations was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1972 to develop and Maintain a global network committed to identifying, developing and Transferring knowledge, skills and technology to promote personal growth, Human performance, productivity and sustainable development.

The Training and Consulting Services We Offer:

  1. Management & Leadership Courses
  2. Secretarial & Offices Administrations
  3. Project management & Municipalities
  4. Human Resources Management & Training
  5. Public Relations , Protocols , Marketing & Media
  6. Law , Contracts Managment & Tenders
  7. Finance , Accounting & Budgeting
  8. Purchasing & Materials Management
  9. Technical ,  Engineering & Maintenance
  10. Information & Technology 
  11. Health & Safety
  12. Environment & Sanitation
  13. Banking, Stock Exchange, Insurance & Investment
  14. Cargo & Logistics
  15. Oil & Gas Technology
  16. Management of Sports Facilities and Events

In addition, we have a team of experts and trainers with long practical experience in the field of training to meet all training needs, whether specialized training courses on demand or In House training request.

Because the excellent training can be obtained through the trainers who have scientific and practical qualifications with global experience.

The Training Center Licence from The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar